Focused on Portfolio Management and Individualized Client Service

Kestrel Investment Management Corporation is a registered investment adviser, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. When Abbott Keller and David Steirman founded Kestrel in 1993 they did so with a commitment to limiting the amount of capital they would manage, recognizing that higher levels of AUM can often drag on performance results. This continues as a central tenet at Kestrel and it enables us to focus on what is most important, portfolio management and attentive client service. Rather than engaging in the time and resource-intensive endeavor of gathering more assets, our priority is attending to the individual needs of each client. This allows our investment team to focus 100% on analyzing companies and constructing client portfolios, using our internally-derived research.

Single Investment Approach

Our strategy is the result of many years of refining and improving upon our original theory; that inefficiencies exist in the area of small-cap equities, where managements undertake voluntary restructuring programs (buybacks, spin-offs, and asset sales). Abbott developed this investment strategy over thirty years ago based on the belief that these stocks are more likely to produce superior appreciation.

Small Firm Culture with Big Firm Infrastructure

Since executing our first trade for our first client in 1993, our world has changed quite dramatically. Technology has evolved, as has the regulatory landscape within which we operate, shifting the way we communicate and partner with our clients. What has not changed over that time period, however, is our commitment to client service. We believe in embracing these changes and have found that superior client service requires a well-designed operations infrastructure. We continue to invest in high quality systems that enable us to meet the demands of our most discerning institutional clients. Our state-of-the-art trading, portfolio accounting and trade confirmation tools are robust yet flexible, and are a reflection of our commitment to delivering the information our clients require, at the time they need it, and in the format that best suits them.